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From: Michael Prudhomme
Wednesday, 8:32 a.m.

Dear Friend,

This will sound strange, but... have you noticed the prices of cookies nowadays?

Not the ones at the supermarket. I mean the beautiful, custom-decorated ones at the cookie stores that are popping up everywhere.

Ever since Samantha and I created our best-selling video books, Cake Decorating Made Easy! Vol. 1 & 2, we've been getting a ton of emails. Not only about cakes, but also about custom-decorated cookies.

I had never heard of these before, but didn't really have time to investigate. Then recently, as luck would have it, a franchise cookie shop opened up right down the street from me. So I strolled down to take a look...

...and I almost choked!

I couldn't believe the prices: up to $90 for a simple cookie bouquet!

What was going on here?

So I called up my partner, Sam, and asked if she had ever heard about this. She had, of course. She's been creating custom cookies for years. And yes, people really pay $50-$90 for a custom cookie arrangement.

I reminded her about all the emails we've been getting about cookies lately. It seemed obvious our cake decorators would love to learn about these wonderful treats.

So I asked which videos and DVD's I should recommend to our customers. She thought for a minute, and said, "There aren't any!"

She explained that although the few books available were helpful, and some even had good how-to information, there just aren't any videos on the subject at all. The fact is it's not a hard skill to master -- you just need someone to show you how to do it.

As Sam talked, we realized the tremendous opportunity this presents for our cake community...

She explained that any good cake decorator already has the tools and skills necessary to make these gorgeous cookies -- even the expensive cookie bouquets!

All you need is a few tips, a couple of specific recipes, and someone to show you how it's all done.

So I asked her: "Why don't we make a video book that teaches our cake community how to create these beautiful bouquets?" And that's exactly what we've done.

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More about that in a moment. But first, you might be wondering...

"Why Would I Want to Make Hand-Decorated Cookies?"

First of all, they look incredible and taste heavenly (especially when you use Sam's recipes). But there are other reasons too:

  • They're perfect for any holiday. You'll never wonder what to make again, for any special occasion or any special person.
  • Everybody is delighted to receive them. Who doesn't love cookies?
  • They're a lot of fun to make.
  • Plus, they're really easy. If you can decorate a cake, you can make magnificent cookies -- and in less time! No question about it.

Also cookies are single-serving, less messy to eat than cakes, have a good shelf life, and even the bouquets are easier to transport.

Fun Projects for Your Children or Grandchildren

Many of our readers have told us they're looking for projects to do with their kids or grandkids. Cookies are always a welcome choice!

In fact, one popular "cookie boutique" charges $12 per child for a two-hour cookie-decorating class -- and each child only gets 4 cookies to decorate.

(That's why Sam insisted that our videos show you how to make over a dozen different designs, using a variety of techniques. So you can look forward to many days of happy baking and decorating with your loved ones.)


Click the "Play" button
below to hear Chris.

"Hi Michael! I bought your cookie video books on Friday and made cookies with my kids on Saturday. It was the funnest time and the cookies turned out beautifully.

I had my laptop in the kitchen so we all watched the decorating videos together. My 5 year old LOVED watching it and then seeing her own cookies...This is the coolest thing I've bought on the internet since your Cake Decorating video books!"

Chris B., Las Vegas, NV


A Few More Reasons Why Cookies Are The Perfect Gift

Cookies make wonderful Thank You gifts, birthday gifts, shower gifts, Get Well gifts... you name it. They're also perfect for bake sales, fundraisers, and other events.

Plus many people have never seen a cookie bouquet before! They'll be amazed when they see yours! And people who have seen these cookies for sale will be impressed with the value of your gift.

By the way, you might have noticed that gift baskets these days are outrageously expensive -- even a mere basket of fruit can cost you $70.

But once you learn to make your own custom-decorated cookies and cookie baskets, you can give gifts worth up to $90... that cost you only about $5 to make!

Bargains like this are hard to find, but you could do this every day if you wanted to. There's just one problem though...


After You Give a Few Cookies as Gifts, You Might
Be Overwhelmed with Orders!

If you're already selling cakes, then you can easily add cookies as an additional menu item. And judging by the cookie stores that are popping up everywhere, you shouldn't have any problems selling them by the dozens.

But if you're not selling cakes already, there's something you should know. In our experience, once you give a few of these beautiful, tasty cookies as gifts, people will start asking you for more.

Remember, most people have never seen cookies like this before. And those who have, know that the store-made cookies don't taste as good as home made cookies. So don't be surprised when they overwhelm you with orders!

In fact, if you've never bought anything from the cookie stores, you might not realize how important taste is...

Cookies So Good, You Can Sell Them To Girl Scouts

If you've ever bought from the big cookie stores -- the ones charging $50-$90 for a bouquet of cookies -- you'll know two things:

  • Their cookies are not only expensive, but also...
  • The cookies don't taste home made. Far from it, in some cases.

It's not hard to figure out why.

I don't have access to their recipes, but it seems reasonable to assume that the big commercial operations have to make their dough in large quantities. Maybe even including various chemicals and preservatives.

All of which can hurt the taste, of course.

Plus the chains make some questionable choices in their decorating. For example, they commonly use royal icing -- which looks nice, but is just too hard to bite into.

That's why our cookie videos are like nothing ever before. In all her years as a cake and cookie decorator, Sam has never been interested in just making the food look pretty -- it has to be delicious as well.

That's why her cookies are so popular -- they're not only beautiful, they taste fantastic!

In fact, the cookies you'll see being made in the first video were baked in my kitchen. And they were eaten immediately afterwards by... my Mom!

(We gave her the cookies as part of her 85th birthday party. She couldn't believe how great they tasted!)

Announcing the World's First Cookie Decorating
Video Books!

If you've searched for good information about custom-decorated cookies, then you know it's just not available.

That's why the stores can charge so much for their cookies. The few people who know how to make these cookies are keeping their secrets to themselves.

But now that's all changed. These are the world's first cookie decorating "video books"! In fact, as far as we know, these are the first videos on cookie decorating on the planet.

You'll see clear demonstrations of every step in the process: from brainstorming the design, to baking and decorating the cookies, to wrapping them up as gifts. You'll learn:

  • How even a beginning cookie decorator can make cookies and cookie bouquets so beautiful, others will swear they were made by a pro
  • Directions so easy to follow that you can use these at a cookie-decorating party - for kids!
  • The sure-fire method for making cookies just the right size for their cookie bouquet sticks, and how to get them on the sticks without breaking them
  • How to create cookie gifts for any theme - from a "teachers apple bouquet" to party favors for a child's "favorite spider hero" birthday
  • Discover a terrific cookie recipe for great tasting and and easy to make cookie creations

You'll learn practical tips for your kitchen like:

  • All you need to know about consistency before rolling out your cookie dough... how to quickly test for perfect consistency... and if needed, easily adjust
  • How to freeze leftover dough (from our recipe) so that it keeps nicely for up to 2 months
  • The easy way to roll out cookie dough without getting flour all over the place. (In fact, you don't use any flour at all!)
  • Learn a great alternative to greasing or spraying cookie sheets that prevents the bottom of your cookies from burning
  • The first thing you should always do once your cookies have been removed from the oven. (Miss this and your cookies will be more difficult to decorate)
  • Why so many bakers over-cook or burn their cookies, and the easy way to prevent this

Whether you're an experienced baker or have hardly used your oven at all, you'll learn things such as:

  • Cookie bouquet First Aid: What you can do when it's time to insert the sticks into your cookies - but you've rolled your dough too thin.
  • Just what can be done with a simple, round cookie to turn it into a work of art?
  • The easiest and quickest way to add a beautiful and polished covering to your cookies when you don't want to use icing and glaze. (Hint: this will give your cookies a professional look, yet it's so easy, it makes for a fun Christmas cookie project with the kids or grandkids.)
  • The hands-down best type of coloring to use for your glaze or icing, especially for vibrant colors
  • Step-by-step directions for a professional and foolproof recipe for a simple, tasty and stunning glaze. (This glaze dries with a pretty shine, and it's much nicer to bite into than hard royal icing. However, if you choose royal, the decorating methods here will still work.)

You'll be impressed with the clear, step-by-step demonstrations of every technique, including:

  • How to test your glaze and bring it to the perfect consistency for both easy piping and perfectly glazed cookies.
  • How to combine different mediums in decorating your cookies.
  • How to neatly wrap your cookies as gifts or for a bouquet. And discover two super quick and easy alternatives to cellophone wrapping.
  • Exactly how to turn your beautifully decorated cookies into an amazing bouquet or other arrangement, while saving money.
  • Discover how you can save big on containers, ribbons, raffia, fillers and other supplies for your cookie bouquets.

...And these tips are just from Volume 1!

"Cookie Decorating Made Easy!" Volume 1


Designers Corner
Fabulous Fondant
To Theme Or Not To Theme
Details, Details
The Short End Of The Stick
All Glazed Up
Time To Make The Dough
Decorating With Glaze
Rolling In Dough
Let's Wrap This Up
Bake Them Cookies
A Vase For Your Bouquet
Saving Leftover Dough
The Assembly Line


Volume 2 goes even further and shows you:

  • How to work with impression mats the easy way
  • What you must do when using varying icing colors on one cookie if you want to prevent the colors from running together
  • How you can finish icing your cookie before it crusts (so you have a smooth finish) no matter how slow your piping!
  • The surprisingly quick and easy method for getting icing into tiny corners of a cookie
  • Discover one very important thing you need to know before adding embellishments to your iced or glazed cookies -- and what you can do if you didn't place all the embellishments on your cookie in time
  • Discover how to quickly create a textured pattern on your fondant and then just as easily cover your cookie with it

Volume 2 goes deep into Sam's "bag of tricks." You'll learn the secrets of the most stunning professional designs, including:

  • How to turn an ordinary cookie into a jaw-dropping design in seconds (Literally -- I was flabbergasted when I saw this for the first time)
  • How to add a three dimensional look to your cookies using nothing more than cookie cutters. See exactly how this is done on a cute, fondant-covered baby duck
  • Learn how you can create intricate, amazing patterns on the cookies -- even if you can't draw! You'll learn how to make many designs, including a Harlequin check, tiny hearts, an amazing spider web, a flower, and many more intricate patterns
  • How a beginner can create exquisite cookies fit for a formal wedding - step-by-step directions for decorating your heart-shaped cookies with an iridescent, white lace embossed fondant.
  • How to create pretty designs that will have your friends scratching their heads, asking, "How did you do that?" (Only you will know how easy it is!)

You'll be amazed at how simple, economical and quick these cookies are to make. And you'll be inspired by the creative and beautiful ideas!

You Will Find All These Tips In Volume 2!

"Cookie Decorating Made Easy!" Volume 2

Featuring 14 More STEP BY STEP VIDEOS!

More Cookies!
Mums The Word
The Crown Princess 1
The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes
The Crown Princess 2
Shooting Star
Harlequin Romance
Oh, Fondant Tree
Cupids Arrow
Fondant Ducky, You're The One
Three Hearts In One
A Star Is Born
Charlotte's Web
Be Still My Heart


Plus, Sam and I have created these videos especially for you to use at home. That means all ingredients are available at your local grocery and craft stores, and everything is demonstrated in a home kitchen. You don't need commercial tools or appliances.

"Wow! In typical Sam and Michael fashion, you overdelivered with your Cookie Decorating Made Easy program.

I'm a baker (and a pretty good one!) but when it came to replicating those beautiful cookie bouquets that cost over $50.00 for a bouquet of just six or seven cookies, I was stumped.

Then after watching the Cookies Made Easy Videos, the mystery was shattered! Now I know all kinds of little tips and tricks the professionals use and can create my own cookie masterpieces for a fraction of the cost ... and the best part, they were made with my own hands.

Thanks again for another fabulous and easy-to-use guide!"



J. Destito
St. Louis, Missouri


How Much is This Information Worth?

Quite a bit, when you consider that once you have this information, you can make several cookie bouquets (worth up to $90) every day.

You might not want to sell your cookies, but if you did, they can make a great business. That's why it would normally cost you so much to learn this information from the professionals currently doing it. (One of the major cookie chains charges $12,500 just for the franchise fee!)

But Sam and I wanted to make these video books affordable. That's why we're charging only $47.77 $37.77 -- less than half the cost of one cookie bouquet!

Limited Time
Special Marketing Test

If you place your order today, you pay only

$37.77 for each volume, or
only $57.77 for BOTH!

How can we charge so little? Because we can deliver the videos to you electronically, and keep our costs down. We're passing the savings on to you.

$47.77 $37.77 is a drop in the ocean compared to the awesome fun you'll have creating (and eating!) gorgeous, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Not to mention the ability to make inexpensive, unique gifts for any occasion.

Plus, I'm going to make you an outrageous offer...

"Your First Batch Will Be Spectacular, Or It's Free!"


100% RISK-FREE 100% Guarantee

If you're not happy, it's bad for all of us. So if you're dissatisfied in any way with what you discover from "Cookie Decorating Made Easy!, Vol. 1 or Vol. 2" we don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply click off an email to us and we'll happily refund your money in full.

But... the Video Book is yours to keep no matter what, as a "thank you" gift from us!

OK? So you really can't lose! The Video Book's yours no matter what.


These recipes and techniques are so powerful that I'm going to take a big risk.

I call it my "Spectacular First Batch" guarantee. I'm so confident you'll make stunning, mouthwatering cookies the very first time you try, I'll give you a full refund if the cookies aren't flat-out dazzling.

Just click off an email to me, and say you want your money back. You'll get back every penny you paid, cheerfully and immediately, with no questions asked. And we'll still be friends.

Plus, you can even keep the video books with our compliments! What could be fairer than that?

But we want to go even further. We want to make this the best investment you ever make, so we're going to throw in some free bonuses too...


    BONUS #1: HOW TO SPEAK COOKIE DECORATING: A Glossary Of Exotic and Commonly Used Cookie Decorating Terms (RETAIL VALUE: $9.95)

    BONUS #2: THE COOKIE DECORATING RESOURCE GUIDE: The best of the best current resources you need to help you find exactly what you've been looking for! (RETAIL VALUE: $29.95)

    DELICIOUS FONDANT! Not just a recipe, but a live action, step by step video demonstrating EXACTLY what to do in order to create scrumptious homemade fondant that tastes wonderful, AND will work perfectly on all of your beautiful cookies!

These are instant-download Video Books!
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Here's to your cookie bouquets,

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P.S. We are so excited about Cookie Decorating Made Easy! And we believe you are going to be as well. So buy 'em, use 'em for 30 days, and if for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled, just let us know and you will get all your money back. Simple as that.


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